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I would definitely recommend!

definitely recommendWell done Hannah Lewis for passing the driving test at Lee-On-The-Solent test centre with only 5 minors! Hannah had 36 hrs + 10 hrs private practice.

“I would definitely recommend Paul to anyone learning to drive. He taught me from the very beginning and was consistently patient, encouraging and calm. I used to be very nervous and he really built up my confidence and taught me at my pace. I looked forward to and enjoyed every lesson!” 

Hannah Lewis

For lessons, call or text me on 0778 055 3078 or use the contact page

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AA the Uk’s most trusted brand

trusted brandIt is with enormous pride that the AA has been confirmed as the UK’s most trusted brand which is a fantastic achievement and is testament to the incredible dedication shown by everyone working for, and representing the AA brand. It’s a great selling point for prospective customers.

Top 10 brands were:-

1. The AA
2. Post Office
3. Boots
4. Google
5. Johnson’s Baby
6. Fairy
7. RAC
8. Marks & Spencer
9. Dulux
10. Kellogg’s Corn Flakes


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How to move off safely

How to move off safely from parked.

moving offOne of the first and many important things you must learn to do as a learner driver, is move off safely and promptly from the parked position.

Moving off safely is a very important skill and failing to do so is the 6th most common reason why candidates fail their driving test.

Indeed, on your driving-test the examiner will get you to stop and move off several times, including moving away safely parked a short distance from another vehicle.

As your instructor will teach you, moving off safely  is all based on the PREPARE, OBSERVE  and MOVE routine.

Prepare :  I use the acronym G G B which stands for gas, into gear 1 and biting point.

Note – both hands should be on the  steering wheel : left hand ready is therefore ready to signal right using the indicator. (Of course if your drive a Japanese car then the indicator may instead be on the right of the steering wheel!)

Observe:   6 point observation from left to right finishing with the right blind spot.

1. Observe over left shoulder and behind

2. Left mirror

3. Observe out of front (decide whether signal necessary)

4. Rear view mirror (decide whether signal necessary – move left hand from steering wheel to handbrake

5. In right mirror

6. Observe over right shoulder in blind spot.

Note: The decision whether to signal/indicate is made when observing in front and behind. Therefore, having  both hands  on the steering wheel at the beginning,  means that after you have indicated or not, your left hand can move from the steering-wheel to the handbrake, ensuring a smooth motion and prompt move off if safe to do so.

Move : If its safe to do so release the hand-brake steer to normal driving-position, cancel the indicator. If it’s not safe – then leave the indicator on but begin the observation again until its safe to move off.

The move off must be prompt.  A  significant delay between observation and actually moving off is not safe!

What about moving from traffic lights?

If you are moving off from traffic light use the POM routine but restrict the observation to mirrors only starting from the left mirror to check for possible cyclists undertaking.

What about moving off from the holdback position?

Again, in this situation you are use the POM routine but this time you must check the interior mirror and right door mirror.

Paul Noble (c) 2014

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Top 10 reasons for failing the driving test

The top 10 reasons for failing the driving test in the UK 2012/13 were:
  1. Junctions (observation)
  2. Use of mirrors – (change direction)
  3. Junctions (turning right)
  4. Control (steering)
  5. Response to signals (traffic lights)
  6. Move off (safety)
  7. Positioning (normal driving)
  8. Move off (control)
  9. Reverse park (control)
  10. Response to signals (road markings)

Pass rate 47.1%

Top 10 reasons for failing the driving test in 2012/13 as released by the DVLA

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Testimonial – first time pass

First time pass

Annie FIRST TIME pass (April)

Well done Annie Walker who passed her driving test at Lee-On-Solent test centre 4th April 2014 FIRST TIME!

” I totally recommend Paul Noble from First Class Driver Training/ AA as he is very patient and ensures that when you pass you are ready and a safe driver. He ensured that I didn’t sit my test unprepared and I Passed 1st time. Would I recommend him? Definitely!”

For driving lessons in Gosport, Lee-On-The-Solent, Fareham, Locksheath and Warsash areas contact Paul Noble on 0778 055 3078

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New car has arrived!

My dual-control brand new Fiesta 1.0 litre has arrived and what a great car it is to drive! All AA tuition vehicles are changed every 32 weeks guaranteeing  you a great driving experience.

New Car 8th April 2014


For driving lessons in Gosport, Lee-On-The-Solent, Fareham, Locksheath and Warsash areas contact Paul Noble on 0778 055 3078

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