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A more confident driver

Well done Helen for passing your driving test at Lee On The Solent Test Centre with only 8 minors. Safe driving!

“After being knocked by a previous bad experience with a driving instructor Paul allowed me to become a more confident driver. Paul always looks for new ways to help you learn and is a very considerate and encouraging teacher. He always endeavours to make learning to drive an enjoyable experience whilst also taking into account the nerve racking reality of being a learner.

It is very clear that Paul really cares about you not only passing your test but also being a more confident and secure driver. I cannot fault his instruction and would recommend him to anyone.”

Helen Dorricot


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Become a safe confident driver

Teaching very thorough

Hannah testimonial

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Method for parallel parking

Parallel parking on the left (detailed version)

Reverse (POM)

paralell parking

racing start

paralell parking

View the whole of the car

Come to stop in the ‘racing position’ – parallel and to the right of the target car about a doors width away.  Engage handbrake.

PREPARE – Select reverse gear and find the biting point to make sure in gear.


OBSERVE-  All round check and reverse slowly looking behind over left shoulder  until can see the whole of the target car (bonnet or boot) in the front passenger window.

Car to 45 degrees

paralell parking

45 degrees

paralell parking

45 degrees

As you continue to reverse slowly, turn the steering-wheel one complete turn to the left at the same time looking over the right shoulder checking the blind-spot as the bonnet  swings out.

As you continue to slowly to reverse, get to an angle of  just less than 45 degrees. ( The top of the front passenger door handle is touching the  kerb as viewed in the passenger door mirror)

Position car to the kerb

paralell parkingAs you continue slowly to reverse, turn the steering-wheel one turn to the right ( the front wheels are now straight) and reverse back in a straight line towards the kerb until the reference point: front passenger door handle is completely over the kerb as viewed in the passenger mirror.

Bring the car in

paralell parkingWhen at the reference point  turn the wheel rapidly full lock to the right. Note: as the road probably has a slight camber the car may accelerate slightly, so have clutch dipped and control the speed with foot brake. (The slower you do it the more your success is assured!) As you swing in slowly, observe the distance between the rear wheel and the kerb in the passenger side making sure there is an adequate gap but also look behind over left shoulder out the back to see what’s behind.

Final straighten

paralell parkingWhen you are parallel to the kerb (use car in front to judge and passenger side mirror), turn off the steering-wheel one turn to the left and hopefully you are in!

Make the car safe.

You can remember the turns of the wheel like this: Left, Right, RIGHT, left.

Tips: If when you’ve finished the examiner says: “have you finished” then you probably haven’t so make sure the car is straight.

If it all goes wrong (to steep an angle or too far away from the kerb). Don’t panic. As long as you can get that car parked into the space of two cars reasonably close to the kerb and not touching the kerb safely with proper observation — then you won’t fail for it.

Remember – if you need to pull forward because your going to hit the kerb then just turn where you want to go (in this case to the left). In reverse if you want the bonnet to move to the left then turn to the steering wheel to the right and visa versa.

Short Version

  1. Come to stop in racing position.
  2. Select reverse, find biting point and do all round check.
  3. Reverse back until can see whole of target car.
  4. Turn wheel one complete turn to the left and get the the car to just less than 45 degrees checking blindspot.
  5. Turn wheel one complete turn to the right to straighten wheels and reverse back slightly until lined up with reference point in left side mirror.
  6. Turn wheel wheel fully to the right.
  7. As you come in turn wheel one turn to the left and make the car safe.

AA Video Parallel Park

TIR Video

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Become a safe confident driver!

Sophie tells us how she became a safe confident driver

“After many hours of driving and failed tests, I’ve managed to go from a 14 fault fail to a 4 fault pass! All thanks to Paul, who instantly saw my problem areas from previous teachings and taught me to become a safe confident driver.

I could not be happier with my result and how drastically my driving has improved! Every lesson was enjoyable and I was always aware of my faults to help remove them. I would definitely recommend Paul to anyone! I just wish I had him teaching me from the start.”

become a safe confident driver

Sophie passed her test at Lee-On -The-Solent test centre with only 4 minors!

CALL or text  NOW on 0778 0555 3078 to become a safe confident driver like Sophie

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Teaching very thorough

Hannah testimonial

Testimonial – first time pass

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