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Brilliant driving instructor!

Paul Noble is a brilliant driving instructor and I owe my first time driving test pass with just 3 minors to him!

Teaching methods succinct

His teaching methods are succinct, systematic, and successful. Right from the first lesson, Paul explains the basic concepts behind the key controls of a car and progresses – at your own pace – onto letting you get behind the wheel and start driving in a variety of ways. Any mistakes made are easily forgiven, and then discussed in detail in order to allow you as a driver to understand what went wrong and how to improve for next time.


Daniel FIRST time 3 minors 25/07/16

You’ll go everywhere

One particularly beneficial aspect to Paul’s teaching is that he won’t just take you driving around Gosport, but out to further locations such as Fareham, Titchfield, Wickham, Portsdown Hill and to the outskirts of Southampton. Not only does this prevent the monotony of sticking to a single area while driving, it develops the ability to drive on anything from a country road through to a 70mph triple carriageway; this promotes driving independence and encourages a high level of confidence.

Easy to get along with

Paul is easy to get along with and does not make you feel stressed at all whilst driving with him. I thoroughly recommend him as a driving instructor, and because of him I am one of the 21% of people who can pass first time.

Daniel Ellis

Thankyou Daniel for an excellent testimonial!

Don’t just take my word for it though: if you want to read what others are saying about my FIRST CLASS training then click here

2016 results

Prices £££

My prices are straight-forward and upfront – no clever deals!

£50 for 2 hr lesson.
£147 for 6.0 hrs block booking.
£240 for 10.0 hrs block booking.

If you want FIRST CLASS tuition not second rate instruction – choose me!

CALL or Text  Paul Noble NOW on 0778 055 3078 or use the contact page

How to stop stalling!

Great results!

Learning to drive

Suffering from anxiety

Highly recommend

Learnt more in two hours

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Jack’s FIRST time pass!

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