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Having moved to Australia!

Thank you again so much for yesterday, was on a massive high all day! Dr Laura Scott Brown passed her test with only 2 minors at the Portsmouth test centre!

Having moved to Australia

australiaHaving moved to Australia I suddenly found myself in the situation where surviving without a car is unthinkable to most locals and daily living became somewhat testing. However, the process of getting a license there is so protracted that it would be of little help to me.

I ought to have learned to drive by now?

By the age of twenty-eight I undoubtedly ‘ought’ to have learned to drive by now! I had a few false starts almost a decade ago, cut short once by pure and utter terror of roads, not alleviated in the slightest by my driving instructor at the time (not Paul!), and thereafter by time constraints and never being in the same area of the country long enough to have enough lessons and sit a test. It slipped down my list of priorities as I always lived in areas where I could just about get by without needing a car and as time passed the idea of driving became a bigger and bigger obstacle in my head.

Laura 2 minors 29/07/16

Laura 2 minors 29/07/16

Therefore, when I found myself with a couple of months back in the U.K. I was desperate to give learning to drive my best possible shot. I was fortunate enough to hear about Paul and from the first lesson with him I felt that he was the right combination of laid back and approachable while being appropriately goal-driven.

Felt at ease

I felt at ease enough that we could speak openly about what we were realistically hoping to achieve and he was as flexible as he could possibly be enabling us to fit in as many lessons as possible around our schedules and he was always completely reliable.

Loved being in the driving seat

This time round I absolutely loved being in the driver’s seat, he made me feel comfortable with a wide variety of road types, which also helped to increase my learning at a pace always relative to my comfort zone to get the maximum benefit from my lesson time without ever being counter-productively unable to cope. I always felt that I could trust his experience and adaptability from a range of personality types among his previous pupils to give him accurate judgement of number of lessons I would personally need.


Once again he demonstrated his kind flexibility by allowing me to still use his car from the Portsmouth test centre when one wasn’t available at Lee…even when it did mean a 7:15 meet for us both!

2016 results

Prices £££

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£50 for 2 hr lesson.
£147 for 6.0 hrs block booking.
£240 for 10.0 hrs block booking.

If you want FIRST CLASS tuition not second rate instruction – choose me!

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