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Use of Signals

Why do we use signals?

Q Why do we signal?
ATo let others know what we are about to do.

Q – Why do we check our mirrors before we signal?
A – To check it’s safe before we declare our intention to change direction.


Q – What’s the problem with indicating too early on approach to a junction?
A – If there is a road to the left or right before the junction. It might confuse.

Q – What’s the problem with indicating too late (especially on roundabout?)
A –  Other road users don’t know where we are going!

Q – Are there any times you can think of where it may be unnecessary to signal?
A – When we are moving off – if there is nothing around at all.

Q- Why do we always mirror and signal when approaching a junction or pulling up on the left?
A – The car is moving so things can change quite quickly. Its a good habit to practice!

Therefore, signals should be timed, necessary and correct.

4 Main Signals

  1. Indicators (for an intended change of position).
  2. Brake lights (intending to slow down).
  3. Road position
  4. Speed

Q – When do we use road position as a signal?
A –  When turning left or right at a junction or any other circumstance where we want to signal a change of road position. Often used in conjunction with the indicators.

Q – Why are the brake lights an important signal?
A –  If we don’t use them (say just use engine braking), then other road users behind us won’t know we’re slowing down!

Q – How do I use speed as a signal?
A –  Speed as a signal can be used in quite subtle ways. For example: edging forward at a junction. However, this one has to be used with care. For example: pedestrians waiting to cross and I slow down; they ‘may’ get the signal to cross.

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