I suffered from anxiety


Sam passed FIRST time 11/0516 with only 2 minors

I suffer from anxiety and since doing all my lessons with him it helped with that as well especially when I passed with only 2 minors.

When I started driving with Paul I lacked confidence and had bad habits from driving before. Paul is a friendly relaxed instructor and he boosted my confidence quickly and soon got rid of the bad habits.

If your looking for a friendly instructor that teaches you in a calm relaxing way then Paul is for you. He comes up with new teaching methods all the time.

So you are always learning something new even towards the end. I enjoyed each lesson and even enjoyed the learning. I am so glad to have passed so quickly and even 1st time thank you Paul.

Samantha passed her test FIRST time with only 2 minors!

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Highly recommend

Learnt more in two hours

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Jack’s FIRST time pass!

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