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Little Confidence in Myself

Little confidence

“After learning else where I had little confidence in myself and was about ready to give up but I’m so glad that I found Paul who was very patient and encouraging, I felt completely at ease and surprised myself by passing first time, would definitely recommend.”

Josie first time pass

Josie passed FIRST time with 4 minors 14/02/17


I believe that confidence comes from two things: knowledge and experience. If you don’t feel confident learning with your present instructor, ask yourself the question: is he/she giving me the knowledge I need? Then, ask: is he/she building confidence into me by taking me on different routes so that I can experience different challenges?

Of course, when we begin to learn to drive we won’t feel confident. No one should; only the over confident – and they are dangerous! Learning to drive is a ‘journey’ in self discovery as we learn, with the help of our instructor or coach, to overcome the mental and physical challenges of learning to drive.

For Example: most pupils dread ‘stalling the car’ but I will teach you the knowledge or theory of stalling ( why does a car stall?) and then, get you to practice or experience hill starts in an environment where the pressure and risks are reduced – so you can experiment.

Learning to drive therefore, is about learning from your mistakes. It can’t be learnt solely in a classroom or with a book!

A more confident driver

Become a safe confident driver

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