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Get Driving AA insurance

What is the Get Driving AA Insurance scheme?

AA Get Driving Insurance is a car insurance product from the AA Driving School.

It is exclusive to AA Driving School pupils. It isn’t on price comparison website. Only AA Driving School pupils are eligible to get a quote.

It’s a telematics product arranged and administered by Insure The Box. A black box is fitted into the car and keeps an eye on driving behaviour.

It has been designed for newly qualified drivers and not just for young drivers. The aim is to help safer drivers pay less for their car insurance.


What does it cover?

It is comprehensive car insurance including:

  • Cover for third party
  • Damage to your car
  • Accidental damage/fire/theft
  • Personal injury
  • It comes with a set of miles to start with, but top ups are available on a pay as you go basis.


How does it work?

The driver starts with 6,000 miles on the policy. They can earn bonus miles (up to 100 a month) for driving safer or top up with more miles if they use up the 6,000 initial allowance.

The driving gets scored and the driver gets rewarded for good driving

The box records the driver’s speed on different types of road and how they drive – braking or accelerating sharply, for instance<

To establish the driving behaviour, AA GetDriving also records where the driver drives, how far, how often and when. But unlike similar products, there’s no curfew.

The driver can go online to see how they are doing in terms of scores (red, orange, green on various competencies). The portal presents all the data (good or bad) on driving behaviour.

Other features include the ‘accident alert’ system and the theft tracking. When the box senses a strong impact it sends a message to AA GetDriving and the driver gets a call to see if they are ok. If the car is stolen, the GPS helps locating it.

If the driver has an accident, depending on the strength of the impact recorded by the box, a message with the driver’s location is triggered (unless signal is not trackable) and if appropriate, the emergency services are alerted.

In summary

In summary AA GetDriving is comprehensive car insurance that comes with plus points:

  • Tracks the vehicles location with GPS
  • Rewards safe driving
  • Act as an accident alert system
  • Presents the driving behaviour via an online portal
  • Acts as a theft tracker
  • Records the driver’s driving style

The telematics box fitted to the driver’s car records the driver’s driving behaviour. AA GetDriving awards bonus points depending on the driving scores. This motivates the driver to improve on their scores by driving better

AA GetDriving believes that rewarding positive behaviours is far more effective that penalising negative behaviour.

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