How much is it going to cost £££

Unlike some other driving schools, at First Class we don’t do clever deals. Our prices are simple and straightforward: you can pay cash upfront, on the day or by bank transfer.

  • 2.0 hrs £51 (£25.50/hr)
  • 6.0 hrs for £150 (£25/hr) block booking
  • 10 hrs  for £245 (£24.50/hr) block booking
  • 20 hrs (semi-intensive course) £480 (£24/hr)

Pass Plus, Advanced Driving  and Motorway Lessons

  • 2.0 hrs £54
  • 6.0 hrs £160

Why don’t you do cheap lessons like other driving schools?

Basically, you get what you pay for. Ask yourself: are you going to get to get first class tuition value for money and service?

Yes, you may save money initially but if you take longer to pass your test it will eventually cost you allot more! My promise to you is that my aim is to get you to test as fast as possible saving you money.

The first class difference

Is your instructor fully trained? Many driving schools use trainee driving instructors to drive down their prices. I am a fully trained instructor with a green badge.

I have passed the Elite DIAmond Advanced Driving test.

Additionally, I am a DIAmond Advanced Driving and Taxi test examiner.

Many schools save petrol by only driving locally. With me you will drive on all sorts of roads in the wider area ensuring you are trained not just to pass your test but be an all round driver.

My main concern is that you receive excellent value for money and make great progress on every lesson.

Naturally, I’m also hoping that you’ll enjoy the lessons so much that you’ll want to tell your friends, relatives and business colleagues about the experience.

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