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driving test certificateLearning to drive is very rewarding but its not easy! Therefore, I’ve written a few helpful articles to help those learning to drive.

HANDY TIP : “Confidence comes from both knowledge and experience.”

HANDY TIP: “Perfect practice makes perfect”.

Beginner lessons

For the beginner – normally the first ten hours – the main challenges are mostly involved with controlling the car. Stalling is a big fear for most pupils! Learning to stop the car though smoothly and accurately is really important.


Coming to a stop

Moving off safely

How to stop stalling

Correct use of signals

Intermediate lessons

At the intermediate stage – ten hours or more –  the challenges move from controlling the car to dealing with other road users and reading the road. Roundabouts and meeting other vehicles are the biggest challenges.

Anticipation and Planning

Lanes on roundabouts


Meeting other vehicles

How to handle a roundabout


Method for parallel parking

Left reverse

Turn in the road

Final Lessons  – preparing for the driving test

At the final stage, most of the lessons are concerned with preparing to pass the driving test.

Importance of mock testing

Show me tell me questions

Pass +

Getting insured

How to pass your driving test

Top 10 reasons for failing the driving test

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