Learning to drive?

Learning to drive – how long does it take?

The first question most people ask when thinking of learning to drive is: how long does it take? This of course largely governs how much its going to cost!

40 hours of tuition

learning to drive

Dean Hooper 5 minors 3/06/2016

The short answer is: learning to drive is a life-time learning process. However, in terms of reaching a sufficient standard to pass a driving test, it’s around 40 hours of lessons with a professional instructor.

Indeed, I find that the breakthrough point is usually around thirty hours. Any less than this, and a pupil, no matter how talented, will lack the experience necessary to handle the pressure of the driving test and additionally, not have the experience necessary to drive safely on Britain’s roads.

My parents passed in 10 hrs!

Of course, this figure is often challenged by the pupil’s parents, as they remember (creatively perhaps) that a few decades ago it only took them 10 hrs  of tuition to pass a driving test. So why can’t my Johnny do the same! In fact, as far as I remember – it was a long time ago – I think I only had seven driving lessons before passing first time! The major difference though, was, that  even though cars were allot harder to drive – without mod-cons such as power steering and such like  – the driving test was far easier to pass because roads were simpler and there was far less traffic on the roads. The majority of drivers on the roads today probably wouldn’t pass a driving test!

Theory test

Now pupils have to pass a comprehensive multi-choice theory test with a syllabus of 1600 questions. In addition, they have to successfully complete a hazard perception test which involves watching short clips of video and clicking a computer mouse in response to viewed hazards. Those who don’t revise for this exam normally fail. Both parts of the exam have to be successfully  passed before a practical driving test can be booked.

Going back to the question!

Going back to the question though, it’s best to plan for forty hours of tuition: which is a time-scale of about 5 months – if you have a 2 hr lesson every week. Of course, if you can afford it, you can speed up the process by doing an intensive course 


Trudy started with me after having lessons for a while in a different area of the country. Unfortunately, she failed her driving test and stopped for a while. As she moved into my area, her friend at work – one of my pupils – recommended me and after completing 12 hours of lessons to prepare for test – passed with only 5 minors!

learning to drive

Trudie 5 minors 8/6/16

“I would like to say a huge than you to my driving instructor Paul all his help and guidance made me feel more confident on the road and he was great in helping me ease my test day nerves, allowing me to pass. than you Paul would highly recommend to go with him.”


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Highly recommend

Learnt more in two hours

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