Navy pupil passes first time!

All of my Navy pupils have passed first time so far  – must be something in the water! Luke from HMS Sultan was no exception, passing first time at the Lee-On-The-Solent-Test centre with only 2 minors.

Luke started to learn to drive with the AA from the beginning but like many in the Navy,  had to break off lessons for a year as he was sent to sea. Returning to land, he started again with me and after having revised everything thoroughly, passed his test with flying colours!


Luke Benson First time pass 2 minors 08/06/15


Navy lad Luke says:

“Fantastic instructor with a clear and well structured way of teaching. Helped me to pass first time and would definitely recommend to a friend.”

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Zero minors

Intensive driving course

First time pass 1 minor!

The AA

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