So, how do you know what quality of instruction you are going receive at First Class Driver Training? Have a look at the many testimonials and see what you think!

2017 Testimonials

Brilliant Driving Instructor

Little confidence

Seasoned driving instructor

First test pass of 2017

2016 Testimonials

Last test of the year ( Lewis passed first time with 7 minors )

I changed instructor (Elizabeth passed first time with only 2 minors!)

Wonderful tuition (Christine passed with 2 minors!)

His tuition was amazing!  (Martyn passed first time with only 2 minors!)

Drove to many different places!     (Will passed first time with only 7 minors!)

Every lesson was different  ((Karolina passed first time with 8 minors!)

Driving fun and enjoyable!  (Needed to pass – having a baby!)

Having moved to Australia   (Laura needed to pas before going back to Australia)

Great results ( Laurence needed to pass first time for a job)

Learning to drive? ( Trudy passed first time)

I suffered from anxiety  (Sam passed first time even though she suffers from anxiety)

Highly recommend (James took three goes but we kept going!)

Learnt more in 2 hours  (Rachel passed first time and learnt more in 2 hours with me than all her previous instructors!)

I changed to AA  (Kirsty passed first time after switching to me!)

First pass of 2016!

Earlier years

I’ve loved learning

Very professional

I’ve learned so much!

I love driving   Focused lessons  Paul improves your driving ability

First time pass 5 minors  Navy pupil passes first time  5 day intensive course

First time pass

Richard Palmer FIRST time pass 5 minors 11/07/15

Carly passed intensive course  Best instructor in Gosport!

A great instructor!  Thomas passed with zero minors! 

First time pass!  I would definitely recommend!

Teaching very thorough  Become a safe confident driver

A more confident driver   Two passes in one day

Kelly driving test pass (Video)

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